Novum voice partners have seen an 80% increase in recurring revenue with Unified Communications

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A Novum voice partnership ensures reliable, and ongoing revenue for your business

All your communications’ needs in one concise location: Grow your business in the Novum cloud

Communication and connectivity are two cornerstone attributes that propel a business into success. Whether referencing internal communication, or client communication – one thing stands the same, and that is the need to connect. That too, connecting with voice capabilities.

At Novum Networks, our business is founded on our in-depth knowledge of IP telephony, allowing us to provide customised solutions for you and your clients.

We provide a flexible Carrier Grade platform for our clients to experience an efficient solution, which our partners can access fully and go-to-market with the confidence that the solution we provide saves them time, money and lowers the risk of entering this market.

Our partners can lean on us to implement this innovative complete done-for-you solution, subsequently helping their end user reach new heights, and ensuring your business can scale viably, while providing a cutting edge service proven to secure recurring revenue for your business.

Our services enable you to scale, diversify your business’ income streams, and ultimately, ensure your clients optimise productivity, and streamline processes. Get to know us today, and understand why entrusting a reliable voice partner is vital to your business’ growth.

Allow your clients to connect with their consumer on a new level, through voice

As our voice partner, here are the service capabilities that YOU can leverage

By delivering bespoke tailored solutions through a range of leading products, we propel your business’ service capabilities by servicing your consumer’s with heightened communication, connectivity and collaboration. Leverage our voice partnership services, and watch the impact on your bottom-line.


Are you ready to be at the forefront of voice, but aren’t in a position to invest in building your own platform?

Introducing UBoss for our voice partners

The ability to automate and streamline all back office deliverables and operations are critical in scaling out a business, wouldn’t you agree? Introducing UBoss, a cutting edge solution our team brings to you.

UBoss allows service providers to scale without limits, particularly in regards to services being deployed. As a cloud service there are no bottlenecks, or development lead-times, minimising your output limitations. You can also chat to us about UBoss’ full billing solution too. Within this deployment the multi-level UBoss automated billing module can also allow a single, simultaneous project facilitation.

Our partners can now ensure optimal productivity, streamlined processes and cutting edge voice solutions through one concise platform.


Why choose Novum Networks as your partner for telecommunications?

A done-for-you service, and voice platform that is built around bringing your consumer an accessible, and user-friendly experience.

Leveraging a team who have seen it all over 38 years of specialised experience

With our in-depth knowledge of voice and data networking, we know how to manage an array of issues, an asset you and your team can leverage.

Done-for-you services

Whether you desire to scale your services, or increase the serviceability you can offer your clients, enjoy leaning on an expert team who offer completely done-for-you services.

End-to-end complete solutions

We can bundle a range of flexible packages for your end-users. Our solutions come with a complete user interface and a natural experience for users.

Advanced SIP call monitoring tool

Includes active calls, real-time graphs, live sniffer for signalling/media, call ladder, CDR, jitter for easier troubleshooting.

No smoke and mirrors

Experience clarity, and retain control over the outcome that your clients experience.


We offer close local support and comply with local regulatory and security requirements.

Trusted performance

We host and manage our own BroadWorks platform, delivering the reliability, quality and security your business needs.

Lower setup and operational costs

As no additional infrastructure is required at customer premises.

Don’t risk being the last in the industry to not have voice capabilities, partner with us today.

Partnerships open up a multitude of revenue opportunities for your business

Our IP telephony solutions allow our partners to grow their business while their customers connect, collaborate and work from anywhere by accessing the best-of-breed communication technologies.

  • Elevate your brand with profitable partnerships.
  • Offer solutions that accelerate your customers’ digital transformation to Cloud Telephony and Unified Communications (UC).
  • Increase your monthly recurring revenue streams with additional products and services.

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Increase your service capabilities, improve your bottom-line and ultimately, see a recurring stream of revenue, thanks to our fully integrated solution.

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