Working Remotely?

How to stay productive and connected with your team using Unified Communications

Working remotely because of the Coronavirus outbreak is now a global phenomenon. Everywhere we look, gatherings and conferences are called off, mandatory lockdowns, quarantines, universities and schools are closed, and businesses moving to remote work.

For millions of professionals who are affected by the outbreak, they will be working remotely for the very first time. Without all the familiarity of office routines, it’s easy to lose visibility and productivity could decline if your employees struggle to adapt to remote work.

Do you find yourself in this situation? Or perhaps you’re trying to achieve the same success as if in the office? Whatever the reason for your remote work, there is a key weapon that can help to improve productivity and ease your experience, ensuring that you stay connected with your teammates.

Here are ways how Unified Communications can help you stay productive and connected while working away from your office…

Feature #1: Mobility

  • • Make, receive and transfer calls made to your office number on your mobile.

• All outgoing calls will present your office extension number regardless if in the office or at home.

Feature #2: Voice

  • • Speed up decision making with voice calls.
  • • Make calls to your colleagues over VoIP.
  • • Access voicemails anywhere.

Feature #3: Video

  • • Increase engagement through face-to-face HD video calls.
  • • Ability to conduct group conferencing.

Feature #4: Instant Messaging

  • • Share ideas and stay connected in both one-to-one and group chats.
  • • Bring together individuals and virtual workgroups together.

Feature #5: Contact Address Book

  • • Store all your teammates’ contact information in a consolidated address book.

Feature #6: Presence

  • • Set your own and view your teammate’s status such as available, busy, away, offline or on a call.
  • • Identify the type of computing device your teammate is using as soon as they connect to the network.

Feature #7: Screen Sharing

  • • Share your screen so that everyone can follow along visually.

Feature #8: File Sharing

  • • Drag and drop files to share with your teammates.

For further information on how Unified Communications can help your business to thrive and succeed during important times, please click here.

About Unified Communicator

Leverage on IP Telephony technology as you turn your office into a global office. This application is an integrated suite of Unified Communications features that can help to facilitate and ease your remote working experience.

Available for download on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and delivered via the cloud, take your files and conversations wherever you go. Contact us TODAY on 1300 725 127 or visit this link for more info and let our experts help you to quickly transition to remote working.

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