[2020] Our 6 BIGGEST Growth Milestones On Our Sixth Anniversary.

[2020] Our 6 BIGGEST Growth Milestones On Our Sixth Anniversary.

This July, Novum Networks is officially celebrating its 6th anniversary.

Remember when you were 6? You had all your teeth and could bite into anything! You could ride your bike without the support tyres! Whhhheeee. You knew your alphabet, numbers and made a few friends in school! School was fun! And everyone was saying how fast you had grown.

Well, Novum Networks has just turned 6. What an incredible growth it has been for us! We achieved loads and have grown even much more! We hear you and continue to design our products to cater to your needs and we will keep on going. Because of your support, we hit 6 major milestones.

We’re thankful so many of you chose to join Novum Networks from day one, and let us play a significant role in helping you grow your business. Over the last 12 months, we developed and enhanced our go-to-market strategy that resulted in changes and additions to our business offerings. Check out the info below for all the specifics.  

#1: New Unified Communications Service, UCx

We partnered with Cisco to deliver the latest version of UC SaaS that enables messaging, video and team workspaces which integrate with world-leading WebEx cloud collaboration technology, making us the first-of-its-kind to market in Australia.

The rollout allows our partners, supported on our own Cisco-BroadWorks platform to enhance their existing Unified Communication solutions and deliver modern collaboration experience to meet today’s end-users’ demands

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#2: Significant Increase In New Users On Our BroadWorks Platform

Our platform has seen a great leap in IP endpoints by up to 75% over the last year. Hard work pays off as they say, and we’re grateful to know that our blood, sweat and tears have supported many businesses meet their modern workforce requirements.

In an ongoing effort to maintain a robust platform, we ensured that we deployed a solid engineering architecture that is future-proof from the very beginning. Not only that, but we also continued to perform regular patching maintenance and security protocol updates to support leading-edge technology and hardware, assisted by industry-leading BroadWorks platform engineers.

#3: Yealink T5 Series VoIP Phones Release

The Yealink T5 Business Phone Series is our most advanced IP phone portfolio that delivers superior performance and productivity equipped with the latest firmware (release 84) to support real-world communication and collaboration needs.

The T5 series comes with 4 major additional benefits compared to its predecessors. There are:

– Adjustable LCD screen according to height and seating positions,

– Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features,

– Noise-cancelling technology, and

– Automatic switching between a wired handset and DECT phone.

Our partners can rest assured that we provide full business communication features catering to their end-users’ daily communication needs.

#4: Business Inbound Numbers

We listened to our partners and hear what they wanted so we launched a 1300, 1800 and 13 inbound number service along with a self-managed portal for full admin control. Now, you can easily make changes to suit your end-user requirements as well as provide call analytics capabilities at the touch of your fingertips.

What’s even better is that our service comes with advanced call management features such as postcode routing, call recording, IVR, call balancing and much more for seamless call handling experience.

#5: Cisco Handsets Platform Compatibility

We added more supported Cisco handsets on our platform to keep a fresh mix of different IP phones to enable our end-users to use what works best for them. They are a range of 8800, 7832 and 6851 IP deskphones, conference phones and expansion modules.

These phones boast clear HD audio performance and are ideal for conference calls and team collaboration needs, setting them apart from any other offerings on the market.

#6: Newly Created Marketing Division

In our continuous effort to strengthen our go-to-market strategy, we formed a marketing department dedicated to boosting our partner support and experience. We’re pleased to know that our marketing team efforts have made a difference in our partners’ lives. We are committed to providing focused attention to the dynamic needs of our diverse group of partners, hence fulfilling their requirements.

It’s fantastic to hit so many milestones like this in one year. Thanks to our partners and technology providers for your belief in us and in our abilities to help you achieve your business goals and visions of success. We look forward to hitting many more milestones in the next year!

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