Tollring analytics

A powerful business analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with cloud UC telephony and Microsoft Teams.

Deliver a high-level of collaboration analytics across the entire business ecosystem

Although there are plenty of communication channels these days, the telephone remains the preferred method for immediate customer interaction. Through phone calls, conversations happen in real-time, providing instant feedback and more prompt and precise decision-making.

Tollring is a market-leading software development product that provides data visualisation, and business intelligence tools to manage, understand and control a wide array of communications information, resources and assets.

Tollring analytics is one of its facets that has become a market-leading solution to provide insights in customer engagement, staff productivity and well-being. Tollring analytics allows business leaders to not only gain insight, but it also provides assurance that every decision that is made is based on a more complete picture of customer and internal team behaviours.


Achieve competitive differentiation with Tollring analytics

Tollring analytics solutions cover four key areas:

Call analytics

Allow your clients to propel workplace productivity with cutting-edge analytics for the whole business, including the business call centre.

Collaboration analytics

Microsoft Teams is the plexus of your business ecosystem. Tollring analytics has a focus division that looks at your Microsoft Teams to better drive business performance.

Partner analytics and billing

You and your clients can leverage partner management tools and analytics for self-sufficiency.

Telecoms Expense Management

This solution is to help manage the telecoms estate, APIs, and billing feeds for usage management and automated billing.


Our partners leverage Tollring analytics to propel their business

A comprehensive analytics solution for the Microsoft Teams environment, Our partner’s clients appreciate having an easy-to-use dashboard that showcases vital team performance data and trends. Through Tollring analytics, business leaders can make more informed decisions.

Our partners can brand the products that suit their portfolio to add value to propositions, ultimately helping them achieve competitive differentiation. As a partner with Novum Networks, you will be provided access to an analytics and management tools system to manage customers, licences, self-provisioning, utilisation, billing and fraud configuration through one single portal.

Let’s work together to ensure your business sees efficiency and growth

Our partners are onboarded within 48 hours, and benefit from our collaboration from day one. Are you ready to equip your business with unified communications? Then contact us to discover our done-for-you services.

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