Tollring recording

A powerful tool that provides instant valuable feedback for qualitative research.

A streamlined solution to boost accessibility in the collaborative environment.

Tollring is a market-leading software development product that provides data visualisation, and business intelligence tools to manage, understand and control a wide array of communications information, resources and assets.

By adding Tollring call recording to your service offering, you are strengthening your product portfolio, by allowing a detailed understanding of customer journeys.

The telephone remains the preferred method for immediate customer interaction. Through phone calls, conversations happen in real-time, providing instant feedback and more prompt and precise decision-making.

Tollring call recording adds instantaneous value to your business’ portfolio, as your customers will see an immediate impact on their customer service strategy. Its architectural superiority provides a stable and scalable platform, whilst the utilisation of local data collectors ensures Australian data sovereignty.


Monitor internal performance, bridge service gaps and unlock the ultimate customer experience

Businesses thrive with Tollring recording

Businesses benefit from being able to visualise critical business call metrics to deliver the ability to monitor groups, call queues and manage customer-facing teams.

Return missed calls

Get back to your customers before a competitor does.

Call resolution

Track call history and listen to previous calls. By doing so, you can now calculate resolution time, and understand the effort required to resolve matters.

Analyse call wait time

Determine if a specific call outcome was negatively affected by the wait time.

Analyse call handling

Businesses can use recordings to improve their techniques, train staff and resolve disputes.

Streamline process

Analyse call volumes and past trends to reveal customer service workflow issues.

Link the recordings to your CRM

Have the bigger picture of who has called, and the purpose of the call, by linking your recordings to your CRM data.


What is Tollring analytics?

Tollring analytics is one of its facets that has become a market-leading solution to provide insights in customer engagement, staff productivity and well-being. Tollring analytics allows business leaders to not only gain insight, but it also provides assurance that every decision that is made is based on a more complete picture of customer and internal team behaviours.

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