Greenlane Solutions Australia

A full-service, global platform for bringing premium products to market in the burgeoning head shop, smoke shop, dispensary channels, and beyond, Greenlane seeked Novum Networks for streamlined solutions.

The Situation:

Although they already have unified communications, when we were presented with the case of Greenlane Solutions, it was noted that they were missing SIP trunking services for their phone systems. They also wanted to bundle SIP Trunk services with their on-premise hardware.

Greenlane Solutions knew Novum Network from a past life connection. The team was familiar with Nigel Keswick from his days at Telecom Australia. Therefore, they knew Novum Network had the capability to provide direction, expertise and local support.

They noted how everyone can deliver a ‘service’, but to find a team who also follows up and takes true ownership is a rarity. After an open discussion, the team knew we were the right fit for their business’ future direction.

The Action:

The main thing was that the two parties understood each other. The fit had to be seamless, and the business purpose had to be in alignment – with obvious synergies. Greenlane Solutions  had to fit with Novum Nework’s capability requirements, and Novum Networks had to fit what Greenlane Solutions required.

With simplicity being a key factor in the engagement, the team were able to speak to someone who knows telephony inside out. They were not treated like a number, with some data point person who reads off their script and doesn’t know what they’re doing. They were able to leverage Novum Network’s wealth of knowledge, with true voice and data experience.

The Outcome:

We have had an ongoing partnership since 2015. Since our partnership formed, other carriers have approached Greenlane Solutions, but they’re still strongly committed to us.

The first time connection is always difficult to get it right for SIP trunking services, but Novum Networks ensured the process was simple. They received a high level of support in the initial set up, which helped set the precedent for the long-standing partnership. Furthermore, they have resolved many major issues for many of their end users, with Novum Network’s help.

Our partnership in a snapshot: 


  • Could not offer SIP trunk services and the migration of traditional services
  • It was a big component missing in the product portfolio
  • Cautious to commit to any carrier because of past experiences, they were looking for specific things in a carrier which Novum Networks met


  • Received quality support during the engagement process to initiate services to remuneration for the works done
  • Greenlane Solutions didn’t want to be a White label partner, they wanted to be a channel partner but other carriers were only offering white label partnership
  • Their end users want to be billed by the carrier
  • Greenlane Solutions doesn’t promote itself as a white label partner

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