In Hand Business Solutions

In Hand is a key partner of ours, based in Brisbane. One of their major focuses is in serving the needs of business clients, working to ensure that what you want to achieve is done in the most effective way.

The Situation:

InHand Business Solutions did not have UCx in their service offering. That is, until they came into contact with Novum Networks. Through a referral, an individual had recommended Novum Networks to the team when they were actively looking for a provider to fill the gap within their professional suite.

After speaking to Nigel, they felt that Novum Networks was the company that had the right culture and expertise to manage their clients. InHand Business Solutions was run primarily by a consultant who looked after their clients IT needs. Having smaller clients who needed more hands-on support, led them to feel confident in Novum Networks capabilities.

The Action:

After the initial kick off meetings, we identified that InHand Business Solutions looked after a number of doctors, and small medical practices (2 – 10 PAX). They had a dire need for telephony support, as their NBN was going to be cut off the copper wire services.

We knew we needed to provide a good solution, one that hosted PBX, and put in obihai adapters. Hosted PBX is the most cost-effective strategy, and the costs have notably improved for clients. With a PBX system, they have a working phone system AND get the save costs too.

The Result:

Our service offering  instilled a sense of confidence in the provider, as the end users can deal with Novum Networks directly. Clients with hosted PBX could communicate with their patients from anywhere. This included, working from home, the ability to divert phone lines. Prior to our engagement, their end users couldn’t make or change a message on their phone systems. Novum Networks provided SIP trunking to enable this.

The overall experience has been nothing but positive for the client. There were a few challenges to manage end user expectations, but we were able to work through that strategically.  Through our service, we were able to give end users the capacity to have control over their system. They were able to upload messages without breaking the system.

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