Lindentech is a boutique IT support and managed services company based in Perth, Western Australia.  Taking care of IT so you don’t have to, the team helps empower their client’s employees to get the job done with the right technology solutions. Lindentech makes sure you’re getting reliable technology that’s designed specifically for your business needs.

The Situation:

When we initially met with Lindentech, the first thing we identified was that everything pertaining to ‘voice’ was missing from their service suite. The company didn’t have any solutions, and they used to pass all their business to a different IT voice provider. This came with its drawbacks, as this limited their relationship with the end user, and made them more of a channel partner. It made sense for their business model to bring this under their roof.

Lindentech seeked a white label partner over the span of seven years, and met with a few service providers in this timeframe. After coming across Novum Networks, they felt what we offered was what they needed. They quickly noted that Novum Networks does not pass off Lindentech clients to a third party, and the team commented that the personable touch was incredibly imperative.

The Action:

During the onboarding phase, Novum Networks gave a broad training to ease Lindentech into this niche area of expertise (something their previous providers never did). Furthermore, they received UBoss training, which helped them understand the platform better than they previously did.

Everytime Novum Networks has dealt with Lindentech’s end user, Novum Networks has been able to come up with a plan and strategy for the nuanced problems at hand.

Focusing on a recent example, Novum Networks worked on a Lindentech client who owns multiple resorts to resolve their issues. There were several complexities with their remote sites that had 150 rooms, and limited internet connectivity. The knowledge and support that the team provided to devise a strategy, and plan for each resort helped skyrocket their end user’s efficiency immensely.

The Result:

The client has often commented that their experience with Novum Networks has been ‘really good’. They particularly appreciate being able to lean on Phil and Jagdeep, who are malleable, quickly identify solutions, and rapidly execute what needs to be done.

Since 2015, we continue to have a strong partnership with Lindentech, treating their clients as our own.

The team has been able to scale, due to the reliability of services, quick turnaround and professional suite they can leverage from Novum Networks.

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