Office Solutions IT

Known for taking the stress out of your general IT functions, Office Solutions IT have presence in both Melbourne and Perth. With a desire to scale their business with unified communications services, the team partnered with us.

The Situation:

After working with a previous VoIP provider, Office Solutions IT were seeking a new partner. They felt they didn’t have the level of control when they were outsourcing support and configuration. So, they felt they needed to bring this capability back in-house, and offer level one support.

Office Solutions IT was looking at a few options, when they reviewed a 3CX platform. However, it was high risk, and they didn’t understand how to manage it. Therefore after asking around, Office Solutions IT came across Novum Networks.

The Action:

After having a chat with us, they felt we offered a good balance of support, control and infrastructure, which was the solution they needed.

We underwent a few briefing meetings to better understand, and go through the platform. We understood how to integrate their own product offering. We also assisted with documentation, one-on-one communications, and walked them through the initial learning stages.

The Result:

From the initial formative meetings, we have since developed a strong ongoing partnership with Office Solutions IT. We continue to come out to client meetings if the situation warrants it, and are very responsive to their end user needs. This in turn has unlocked a new revenue stream for the company.

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