Become a Novum Networks Channel partner

Refer your connections to us today, and unlock ongoing commissions, and recurring revenue, through a channel partnership.

Build a thriving partnership ecosystem

Tap into a new recurring revenue stream, by coming on board as a channel partner

Our success is based on our strong relationships with technology partners and the ability to deliver services to your customers quickly and easily. As a channel partner, earn generous recurring commissions when you refer customers to us.

  • Recurring generous commissions for the life of the customer contract.
  • Only level 1 support is required! Just refer them to us, and receive the revenue you are entitled to. Our team will manage your customer sales relationships with confidence. Leave us to deal with provisioning, billing and managing the customer’s contract.
  • Sales management and technical support.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager.
  • Go-to-market with a strong global brand as your trusted channel partner.
    With a zero upfront investment criteria or overhead for services or infrastructure.
  • Training and collateral support to confidently resell VoIP services to your customers.
  • Connect your customers to the best VoIP solutions as they become available.

It’s time to generate more revenue for your business, through channel partnership.

Other not-so-obvious channel partnership features

Rewards and recognition

By delighting your customers and connections, you will see a guaranteed increase your revenue performance. Gain confidence from your connections and customers and see loyalty increase.

Add a new dimension to your business plan

Optimise your partnership, and business strategy and reach your overall sales goals. A channel partnership allows you to set indirect sales objectives and to track the results.

Help your customers and connections grow

Breed a holistic ecosystem that sees everyone win. You can have peace of mind knowing that your customers and connections will be onboarded seamlessly, and we will get them operational quickly.

Quick and easy payments made to you

All you need to do is refer your customers and connections to us, then claim the referral commission through our online channel partner portal. You will then receive your fee both here on out, through the lifespan of the contract.
As our channel partner payment process is completely automated, our system will raise an invoice on your behalf, then issue the payment promptly.

Low risk to entry

When you partner with Novum Networks, you have an opportunity to enter the highly lucrative VoIP market with very low capital expenditure, and virtually no risk.

What is the channel partner process?

Refer your connections and customers to us, and we will handle the rest

Are you ready for a recurring new revenue stream? Then get in touch.

Our channel partners enjoy sustainable, recurring revenue by referring their clients to us. Our onboarding process is easy, fast and seamless. We look forward to discussing channel partner opportunities with you.

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