Critical Call Assist

Enhanced routing and time based call management


Automated Routing

Operated by calling a single number all available crew are contacted immediately. Stop making multiple calls trying to find an available crew member, automate it.

Complex Schedules

Operating with complex time schedules and rosters. Easily configure your rosters into Critical Call Assist application and have the system call the right people the first time.

Multiple Endpoints

Overcome network connectivity by assigning multiple numbers to crew members. Allowing simultaneous ring across mobile, home or work numbers means crew can always be contacted.

Conference Connect

Call in with a single number and have all available crew members connected into a conference call, ensuring all members get critical information in one spot and at the same time.

What is Critical Call Assist?


Critical Call Assist is a specialised solution from Novum Networks specifically designed to simplify and automate calls for your critical calling systems. We do this by using complex time schedules, specific number searching and call delivery to any phone device. We also provide the ability to have multiple devices assigned to a single user to ensure calls are delivered. Delivery to multiple devices is particularly important for users living in remote areas where mobile coverage may be poor and allows calls to be delivered to their home, work and mobile phones simultaneously.


The Critical Call Assist can be deployed in two ways, either via complex call routing or group conferences. Utilising the complex call routing calls are presented to the Critical Call Assist platform and will stop once a single user answers the call.  For a scenario where multiple users are required, the system can call all users listed as active on the calling list. When called these users will acknowledge they are available and are then placed into a group call conference. This feature ensures that all users are provided the details of the critical issue once, thus creating efficiencies in the call chain and ensures a consistent message for all  crew.


Our advanced solution allows the ability to mix and match services such as hunt groups, group conference calls and call progress announcements with escalation enabling the flexibility to deliver complex call flows to overflow destinations determined by time schedules. All options are customisable to meet each unique business requirement.


How does it work?


The Novum Networks solution is simple, when the main number of an individual site is called, Critical Call Assist will answer the caller and confirm the location being called and then route the call according to pre-programmed rosters, directing the call to the right or relevant queue, from there call flow rules will determine the user or users who need to be contacted, and subsequent escalations as required. To ensure that the operator is aware of the calls progress, messages are played to the caller providing constant updates on the progress of the call and its progress through the escalation path.


Combining these features Critical Call Assist significantly simplifies the co-ordination of critical calls and speeds up call delivery and response times.

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Simple Call Flow Day / Night / Schedule

Have the system review the time of day and call the appropriate staff on the current shift.

Call Flow – No Answer to Adjacent Site

If no on call users answer within a particular site, have the system automatically overflow to a near by site to locate on call users.

Escalation Call Flow

Based on users setup in the system the caller will be notified as to the stage of the call and the success of locating users. If no users are found in a round robin fashion, the system will then call everyone listed as on call.

Stay up to date with messages as calls progress through the escalation paths

Based on time of day rosters, move through individuals until the call is answered, if not answered move through the escalation process. At each change or while the users are being located, Critical Call Assist will  provide a notification of the calls progress.

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