Go Operator Australia

Improve the productivity of employees with the help of Go Operator


Go Operator manages volume with ease and efficiency

Go Operator was designed to deliver unified communication and CRM integration features. It also comes with a selected range of hosted telephony platforms. With Go Operator,  leverage a full screen PC Attendant Console that is designed to manage and distribute large inbound call volumes.

Where productivity meets efficiency, your end user’s team will elevate to new heights thanks to Go Operator. After implementing a Go Operator system, caller phone numbers, and other relevant data can now be shown on screen before a call is answered. Telephone numbers for contacts can also be searched and dialled directly from within a defined application.

Elevate your business’ efficiency with Go Operator

Go Operator is designed to help clients get the most out of your hosted business telephone system.

Call control:

Make, answer and transfer calls with utter ease.


At a click of a button, you can dial any number

Address book:

A quick search of all integrated applications will enable you to make calls from the results.

Screen pop:

Record associated with an inbound caller’s number to be opened.

Call history:

Leverage a list of recent calls.

Presence window:

Users can now see the extension status of their colleagues.

Auto views

“Auto” tab will auto-populate the “Recent” section with a list of extensions that have been assigned to the same department as the called extension, The Auto tab will show caller preview data for an integrated CRM and a customised greeting linked to the dialled DID number.

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