Emergency Call Assist

Streamline your Depot with our automated emergency callout system


Emergency Call Assist is a Specialised Solution from Novum Networks, the sole purpose of this product is to simplify and Automate Emergency Services Dispatch systems, by the use of complex time schedules, hunting, call delivery to any phone device or multiple devices for users when required.


Emergency Call Assist is a One Number Solution, the Roster Number is called and Emergency Call Assist will look up rosters and direct the call to the right Queue, where call flow rules determine the User who are to be called and escalations that are required, simplifying dispatching calls and speeding up call delivery and response times.


Users can easily be added, removed or moved up or down Hunt Groups and any changes are applied immediately.


Managing the system is done via a WEB Browser so management can be carried out where ever Internet access is available.


Benefits of ECA

  • SOC or local users never needs to lookup another Roster
  • Site Administrators can easily modify users in a Hunt Group or Instant Group Call
  • Distinctive Hunt Group Labeling


  • Calls ring through to a Users Anywhere destinations
    • A Users Anywhere destination can be a Mobile Phone, Home, Work Phone even a Satellite Phone. It could even be all of those devices and they will all ring until one is answered
    • Callers are notified that they have a call from St John Ambulance and to Press and Digit to accept the call, so family and Work Colleagues know not to accept calls
    • Calls will not be answered by Voicemail systems or announcements
    • All other devices in a hunt group stop ringing when a call is answered


  • When Instant Group Call is used all callers in the Groups are simultaneously called and then placed into a Conference Bridge as they answer the calls.
    • Users are notified that they have a call from St John Ambulance and to Press and Digit to accept the call, they are then placed into the Conference call.
    • Call will not be answered by Voicemail systems or Announcements
    • After a predetermined time (default 1 minute) Users that have not answered the call will stop ringing


  • Complex call flows once setup are easy to manage
  • Administrators can simply change Anywhere destinations for users
  • Progress announcements can be injected to provide feedback to the Caller
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