Communicate and collaborate seamlessly with your VoIP

phone system, getting information about callers

quickly and efficiently. 


It is a Unified Communications client that allows instant access to relevant information
and provides integration to contact-orientated business systems and CRM applications.


Access callers’ information easily and improve productivity.

MS TEAMS INTEGRATION: Combined Teams and telephone system co-worker presence status, with CRM integration for calls made or received via Teams.

ONE SEARCH: Automatically search through your CRM and display caller’s info in the preview or phone window before it is answered. 

BOOST PRODUCTIVITY: Enable employees to have complete control over incoming and outgoing calls using rich features such as dialling, answering, transferring, consult and hang-up. 

CRM INTEGRATION: More than 300 CRM integrations are available such as Salesforce, Autotask, Zoho etc. with your Cloud PBX. 

PROMOTE COLLABORATION: Easily check the presence status of your colleagues’ extensions and know who they are talking to. 

PREFERRED DEVICE: Users can select which connected device they would like to use to make or receive calls.


Improve the quality and professionalism of your call handling and callers’ experience. 


Reduce the time and costs with making and receiving large call volumes.


Know who is calling and access their information quickly (name, location, track caller’s interaction with your business).

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Reduce extra costs that can be linked to expensive infrastructure upgrades or dependence on cloud-based servers.

Smooth Integration

It is real-time: whenever and wherever a customer calls; all CRM notes, previous interactions and every other important information are easily pulled up.

MS Teams Presence

Enables MS Teams integration to automatically update your avatar photo and presence, and get live updates of your colleagues’ availability.

Improve UI

Forward an incoming call via your PBX to another destination, such as an alternate number or voicemail, based on your combined presence status

Cost Effective

Choose between three license types, allowing your business to get the optimal benefits according to your requirements.


Supported on Windows.


All the call functions you need with a simple click.

Activity Logging

Record and log activity to your business CRMs for all calls made and received.

Screen Popping

CRM Integration – Screen popping allows a CRM contact record associated with an inbound caller’s number to be opened automatically on incoming call, or manually via a click on the CRM icon.

Caller Preview

Preview the contact details before a call is answered, pop the contact’s record and any additional notes if it is a known record in the integrated CRM.

MS Teams Integration

Combined Teams and telephone system co-worker presence status, with CRM integration for calls made or received via Teams.

Call History

Access a list of an employee's recent calls and make calls directly from the call history window.


Webpages can be scanned for valid telephone numbers and when found, turned into hyperlinks to make dialling easy.

Real Time Presence

Allows an employee user to see the busy status of their colleagues' extension.

Agent Features in Toolbar

A dockable toolbar provides a simple way for a Call Center agent to change settings.

Add Contact

CRM Integration – Add a record to the integrated CRM directly from the client Call History page or active call Preview Window.

Call Control

Go Integrator Cara enables the user to easily control their handset with the click of a mouse with Make call, Answer call, Transfer call, Hold call, or Pick up call.

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