Novum Networks is Australia’s leading Broadsoft Provider, delivering Innovative, Scalable and Flexible solutions.









Lets talk further about your Cloud Unified Communications Needs.

Novum Networks is Australia’s leading Broadsoft Provider, delivering Innovative, Scalable and Flexible solutions.

Locally Hosted UC Platform

Currently most local providers utilise the BroadCloud hosted offering to deliver IM&P, Video Calling and Screen Sharing, which is hosted, overseas and subsequently can have significant lag associated. At Novum Network we have locally hosted all these services on our own infrastructure, as we see the market gradually migrating from Voice to a Voice / Video environment. Because of this we saw it as critical to have a fast and reliable locally hosted and redundant platform to deliver these services.

Fully Integrated Billing Platform

One of the biggest pain points we saw natively with Broadworks is that if a license was changed this wouldn’t automatically update in partners billing system, this opens up a hole in the business billing cycle, where customers might not be billed for what you have sold them and thus a major profit leak from the business. Part our our Unified platform is a fully integrated billing and contract management system, this operates from end-to-end within the platform.

Simplified Client Portal

Broadworks Compilot was never built as a client portal for end users, it's too complicated. To resolve this issue we have implemented a user friendly portal that only shows the end user what they need to see and nothing else.

End to End Automation and Provisioning System

Whether you are provision 2 users or 1000 users you should be able to do a bulk import and provision of users, many partners have built custom scripts to accomplish this feature, however when a version is upgraded these have to be modified. To resolve this issue we built this function into the core of our product offering. Additionally, to this we have built wizards for many provisioning tasks reducing the number of clicks and steps required to provision and deploy new services and features.

Specialise in Broadsoft only

We know there are many providers in the market place, but no one wholly specialises in Broadsoft. To fill this gap Novum has decided to focus solely on Broadsoft products and offerings, as we see this as a unique offering which brings great value to our clients. Our vision and goal is to be the Broadsoft partner of choice in the APAC region, which can deliver the best total Hosted UC end-to-end solution in the market place.

Fraud Mitigation

Novum Unified has real time built in Fraud Detection that not only detects fraudulent activity but also then blocks the offending user and provides notification of the activity. This will alleviate customers receiving unexpected large bills, while also saving time for providers having to deal with unhappy customers and even the TIO.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Besides the time taken to program users into Broadworks, the next time consuming process is upgrading and provisioning handsets, unpacking phones, connecting them to a network to be upgraded and configuration files loaded- all of which is very time consuming. We have worked hard to ensure that we can support Zero Touch configuration with all our CPE hardware vendors. This means no more unpacking and repacking of phones, direct drop shipping of handsets to site is now possible. Novum Unified also supports self install for users or an installer login for on site Technicians for flexible options in deployment.

Fully Redundant and Secure platform

Our Hosted Platform is supported by equipment deployed in geographically redundant configurations across two physical Datacentre. The design of the network ensures that if there is a loss of connectivity to one Datacentre location, the other location will automatically handle the traffic generated by the subscriber base. The Datacentres are fully redundant with regards to infrastructure and network connectivity.

Flexibility to provide tailored solutions

Many providers currently in the market only offer cookie cutter solutions with no or little flexibility, at Novum Networks we have a different view. We aim to deliver our partners the most feature rich and flexible platform on the market, this leads us to be constantly innovating and designing new product offerings for our partners to stay ahead of the pack.

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