Improve the effectiveness and speed call handling into your business. 


It is a PC-based Attendant Client console app designed to manage the distribution of

large incoming call volumes.


Access callers’ information quickly from your synchronised business’ CRM database.

SEAMLESS CALL CONTROL: Answer, transfer, park, hold, place calls, and more directly from the console.

BOOST PRODUCTIVITY: Manage incoming and outgoing calls, including directory searching, dialling and contact popping with ease.

EFFECTIVE CONTACT MANAGEMENT: Quickly view the call’s intended recipient is on the phone and decide how to best manage the caller’s expectations, and re-direct the call. 

IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE DELIVERY: Simplify repetitive operations so that receptionists can answer calls quickly and professionally. 


Log in from anywhere and enable phone answering duties swiftly. 

Screenshot of Go Operator dashboard

Access the app from anywhere to accommodate a geographically dispersed workforce, employees' vacation or absence.

Synchronise your CRM database with the app to quickly view your caller's information.


Access callers’ information quickly from your synchronised business’ CRM database.


Modern call handling features make it suitable for large incoming call volumes settings, allowing receptionists to manage calls more efficiently.


Easy to install, use and maintain.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Reduce extra costs that can be linked to expensive infrastructure upgrades or dependence on cloud-based servers.


Supported on Windows OS, mobile devices, desk phones, desktops and touch-screen modes.

Smooth Integration

Utilise features available in Go Integrator including extension status, a range of dialling and full CRM or Outlook database integration.

Time Saving

Quick access to call handling and telephony features with customised keyboard shortcuts to turn multi-step call transfer actions into a single click.


Dispatch calls quickly with a personal touch. 


Answer, transfer, hold, consult and make calls on your computer. View all waiting calls and answer in any order. Choose your preferred mode of operation — desktop or touchscreen. See callers’ names before answering calls.


Concurrently searches all integrated CRM address books and automatically dials from the results. Transfer calls to external contacts available from an integrated CRM address book.

Extensions View

Set up a personal extension tab and configure the console to present the tab when a call to selected Direct Dial-In (DDI or DID) is received. Check if your colleagues are available to take a call, are on a call, are set as “Do Not Disturb” (DND), or if call forward has been set.


View call history, allowing receptionists to return calls easily.

Auto View

Autofill the “Recent” section with a list of extensions within a department. For example, Sales Department can see if colleagues are busy within their department and can decide when and if to transfer the call to an available employee.