1300, 1800 and 13 Numbers

Manage, transform and simplify your

customer’s phone experience. 


1300, 1800 and 13 are virtual numbers that enable your business to present one national number, regardless of your office and caller location. Make it easier for your customers to call you anywhere in Australia.


Our Inbound Numbers service enables your business to receive and redirect incoming calls to a landline or mobile that is managed by our Inbound Call Management platform.

WHY 1300, 1800 AND 13 NUMBERS?


Make it easier for your customers to make enquiries and contact your business.


Receive and redirect incoming calls to landline or mobile phone lines, based on time, day, state or national.


Stand out from the competition and increase the perception that your business is a large, well-established, national business.


Shorten calling times by redirecting calls and spreading the workload among your team.


A simple, easy-to-dial number can increase recall with customers.

Lower Ownership Costs

Fire up inbound numbers right away without expensive phone system upgrades.


Easy to recall.

Complement your marketing campaigns.

Leverage powerful features to manage incoming calls.

Take your office number with you anywhere, even when moving or opening new offices.

Promote outside of your local area.

Fast track your small business success.

Enhance the professionalism of your business.

Establish a distinctive and memorable point of contact.

Utilise a variety of features to manage large volume of calls.

Access call reports, call recording and inbound call analytics, to streamline your call handling process.


  • 1300

    • Wider geographical area.

    • Promote your business outside of your local area.

    • Cost of call is shared between your business and the caller.

  • 1800

    • Wider geographical coverage than your local number.

    • Free call for fixed line callers within Australia.

    • Eliminate economic barrier for your customers with all ongoing costs paid by your business.

  • 13

    • Helps to establish a distinctive and memorable point of contact.

    • An attractive option if brand recall is important.

    • All ongoing costs are shared between your business and the caller.


Call Forward

Forward all calls to your business 1300, 1800 or 13 number to either a landline or mobile number.

Postcode Routing

Redirect calls and define the number of answer points for your incoming calls based on the postcode the caller is in.


Let callers leave a voice message and forwarded to specified email address.

Personalise Greetings

Play a personalised voice greeting before forwarding the call to an answer point. Include welcome messages and recordings for IVR menus and marketing campaigns.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An automated voice technology that interacts with callers and routes calls to the appropriate call agent based on your settings. Create a menu of options for your customers to select when they call you. E.g. Press 1 for HR, Press 2 for Sales etc.

Call Balancing

Splits calls based on the percentage usage between answer points. For example, you can direct 75% of incoming calls to office A and 25% of incoming calls to office B.

Call Recording

Easy to configure and use call recording for all 1300, 1800, or 13 numbers.

State Based Routing

Customise answer points based on the location of an incoming call to ensure calls are directed to the correct office.

Region Based Routing

Deliver calls to a specified answer points based in 63 geographical locations.

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