Mid Call Controls – New Webex Feature

UCx with Webex Users can now place a call on hold and initiate a transfer from the hold page with a new transfer button.

To do this.

When on an active call press the 3 dots


This will bring up the calling options menu. At this point don’t press transfer.

Instead press hold, this places the caller on hold and immediately plays your on-hold music.


When Hold is pressed, you now have the option to transfer the call.

Previously only Resume was an option.


When you click on transfer the below transfer call menu now appears.

If the contact is in the users address book you can search via name or dial a number.

Decide whether to consult on the transfer or do a blind transfer and press the relevant button option.


A feature request made by many of our partners. This addition will make a lot of partners and end users very happy.

Commented Ash Barker
Novum Networks – Account and Business Development Manager

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