Partner with us with Novum Labs

Bespoke engineering services that are made available to our voice partners

Novum Labs allows for tailored solutions to be developed in order to meet end customer’s requirements

By engaging Novum Networks as a Novum Labs partner, you will have direct access to our highly skilled engineering team who will work on a complex solution design and deployment for your end user. Novum Labs provides a beta test environment to allow for provisioning services to be deployed for proof of concepts.

Our very own in-house team will develop applications and custom system integrations to bring streamlined solutions to your business. We complete all testing, validation and approval before anything is sent to your end user.

This is your opportunity to leverage professional services to assist with customer engagement, scoping and documentation. Please note, access to Novum Labs is based on a business case proposal for a customer’s solutions and each application will be individually accessed.


Are you ready to scale as an innovative business owner, via a revenue generating partnership?

Then get in touch. We look forward to discussing opportunities through a Novum Labs partnership.

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