Enterprise SIP Trunking


Novum Networks’ SIP Trunking services are helping businesses with single or multiple sites reduce their communication costs while staying better connected. With workforces becoming more mobile, businesses can improve their communications with a flexible service, including a suite of hosted applications regardless of your premises equipment. Applications include instant messaging and presence, voice and video calling, desktop sharing, conferencing and web collaboration. Whatever the device including desktop, laptop or smartphone, people are easily contactable and can quickly and easily communicate better than ever before. Choose numbers based on your business needs rather than what numbers are available in your local office area. SIP Trunking is also a reliable service ideal for businesses that may otherwise be affected by natural disasters. Businesses can continue to receive calls with the ability to pre-configure automatic rerouting to any other number to stay connected – improving business continuity and disaster recovery.


Business requiring flexibility with their communications can add trunks quickly and easily with no long term commitments – reserve additional trunk capacity for those periods when normal call volumes are exceeded. Other benefits include:
Reduce costs
  • Businesses moving or expanding can cost effectively do so keeping their local area numbers without paying for expensive call forwarding services
  • Conveniently consolidate voice, video and data traffic over one converged network
  • Reduce costs while enjoying better communications with free internal calls between employees wherever they are located and no costly call-forwarding bills
  • Buy only what you need – purchasing as little as one SIP trunk at a time
  • Centrally manage and aggregate trunks to increase trunk utilisation and reduce total trunks required
  • Easily track your telephony usage, billing and manage calling capacity at a company-wide level with simplified administration
A suite of hosted applications to choose from
  • Hosted applications include auto attendant, call center, CRM integration, mobility, UC and collaboration
SIP Trunking is suitable for any business currently using more than 3 voice channels their key system or PBX to the PSTN. Here are some typical examples of how SIP Trunking is helping our customers.
How SIP Trunking is helping our customers
  • Companies with single or multiple sites looking to reduce their communication costs.
  • Companies needing a disaster recovery solution to cope with any natural disaster, such as fire or flood damage, or man-made such as network failures.
  • Companies looking to change location but keep their local area numbers without paying for expensive call forwarding services./li>
  • Companies with seasonal requirements – where additional trunks can quickly and easily be provisioned with no long term commitments.
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