Go Integrator

Bridge the gap between telephone system and your customer records

Go Integrator is a powerful unified communication software suite, which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with their Broadworks phone system. Go Integrator allows end users to work more collaboratively and collectively, getting information about callers quickly and efficiently. The Go Integrator product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install.


The suite consists of three primary license types allowing end users to get the optimal benefit according to their specific requirements.


Go Integrator Lite

All the call functions you need with a simple click – dial, transfer, hold, consult and others plus integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts.

Go Integrator DB

All the features of Go Integrator Lite plus “click to dial” and “screen popping” with many custom and standard CRM applications and databases. This allows instant access to relevant information making the end user experience so much more efficient and saving the customer both time and ultimately money.

Application Integration

Linking your business database with your Broadsoft telephone system is an excellent way to improve productivity. It allows users to know who is calling and to quickly get their details on the screen. It also saves time when dialing from the database.
Go Integrator provides a common level of integration elements across a range of popular business applications. Common elements of integration include:


Caller Preview

Displays the caller’s name in the Preview or Phone window when a match against it is found in the integrated application(s).


Contact Popping

Click the application’s icon in the Phone or Preview window and the caller’s contact record is displayed directly in the source application.


Contact Searching

Enables you to concurrently search many supported CRMs plus the built-in Shared Address Book and to click to dial from the results.


Click to dial

Makes it possible to dial directly from the application. The exact method varies between applications.

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