Go Operator

Go Operator is a full screen client application designed to make your phone easier and more convenient to use.


Go Operator is a fully featured PC Console application incorporating many of the benefits of Go Integrator, including:


  • Extension status
  • A range of dialling options
  • Full CRM/Database integration for both directory searching, dialling and ‘popping’ contacts.


With Go Operator, it is possible to automatically pop a script and associated notes when a DDI number is called. This is very helpful if Go Operator is managing a multi-tenant environment or if dedicated DDI numbers have been allocated to customers.


Go Operator also supports multi-site operation enabling an operator on a single site to distribute calls to other connected sites.

Feature Summary


  • Easily answer, transfer, hold, consult and make calls
  • View all waiting calls and answer in any order
  • Use a preferred mode of operation from mouse or keyboard or use the special touchscreen mode
  • See name of callers before answering calls.


“Auto” View

  • Auto-populate the “Recent” section with a list of extensions that have been assigned to the same department as the called extension.
  • Show caller preview data for any integrated CRM/DB application and a customized greeting linked to the dialed DDI/DID number.




  • View Call History, allowing the Operator to easily review and return calls.

“Extensions” View

  • Use a wallboard-type view to check if co-workers are available to take a call, are already on a call, are set as DND or if call forward has been set.
  • Set up personal extension tabs and con gure Operator to present the tab when a call to a selected DDI/ DID number is received.
  • Monitor voicemail messages waiting for colleagues.



  • Concurrently search all integrated CRM address books and dial from the results.
  • Transfer calls to external contacts available from an integrated CRM address book.



  • Fast and ef cient call handling.
  • Use one Operator to manage multiple sites.
  • Add custom greetings/scripts for multiple tenants
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