iCall Suite

Analytics and Calling recording for your business

Poor customer experience in Australia costs businesses $122B per year and 24% of Australians stop doing business with a brand they love after just one poor experience.


Our iCallSuite (iCS) is ideal for businesses that are interested in analysing the whole customer experience, managing effective customer relationships and striving towards excellence in customer service.

  • Record, monitor and analyse essential business call metrics by accessing reports, ‘click and drill’ dashboards and call recordings.
  • Customer-facing teams can manage and improve your customer experience by accessing real-time call analytics on any internet-connected device.


How it Works?

Powerful live call analytics

A fully integrated call cloud analytics application service that enables your customer-facing and management teams to monitor queues and inbound and outbound calls, helping your business to improve operational and customer service efficiencies.

Quality call recording and monitoring

iCS is a call recording service that allows your business to provide playback, call evaluation, quality monitoring and flexible storage options. You can combine call analytics to analyse call handling in greater depth and streamline processes

Why Call Analytics?

Achieve your business objectives faster by monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns and channels.


Customise outputs and design dashboards according to your business employees’ needs. The menu option is designed to work ‘’at a glance’’ to ensure every element of the service is easy and straightforward.


Leverage daily call flows and conversations to better understand your customers buying journeys and preferences.


Monitor call quality and improve staff performance and productivity: Access dashboards and wallboards, by analysing key metrics such as time to answer, number of abandoned calls and missed call resolution.

Resource optimisation

Enables your business to schedule the right number of call handlers at different times and days of the week, improving staff performance and using “what if” calculations to plan for staff to customer ratios.


Faster decision making based on call activity, regardless of your location. You can check crucial analytics data via dashboards, reports and wallboards from any Internet-connected device.


Easily add or remove staff giving you greater flexibility and remove the costs for expensive system upgrades or programming.

Why Call Recording?

Fully integrated call recording and evaluation

Call recording

Allows your business and your employees to see an immediate impact on your customer service strategy and can be used with business analytics in the following ways:

Call Monitoring

Monitor call quality and staff performance to improve company and customer service standards.

Call Resolution

Resolve “who said what” disputes.


Protect staff from abuse.


Regulatory compliance (for industry regulation).


Train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance.

Customer Experience

Boost customer experiences by rescuing defecting customers and identifying customer service workflow issues.

Key Feature Highlights

Tailor-made for businesses – our bundle solutions allow your business to pay for only what your employees use.

Our call analytics and recording solution is secure and compliant with added business continuity and resilience features. Our mobile-responsive application enables your employees to access business reports from any Internet-connected device.

iCS Insight

Provides your business with live reporting and data visualisations through predefined dashboards and wallboards which refresh every 15 minutes.

iCS Report Premier

Your employees can monitor in real-time iCS Report capabilities for administrative control. To meet future staffing needs, you can access in real-time customer service agent availability and call handling statistics with adaptive call queue boundaries.

iCS Report

Allows your business to access enhanced reporting, advanced analytics and dashboards which can be broken down by customer service agent, hunt group or automatic call distribution. Incoming calls can be analysed and monitored in greater depth, and report scheduling can be customised.

iCS Record

Enables your business to access adaptable call recording and playback features. The iCS Record Plus adds administrative functions such as call tagging (virtual bookmark to easily locate calls for review or training purposes) and call evaluation, all to improve call quality management.

To find out more about our Call Analytics and Call Recording service, view our product sheet.

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