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Unlock the power of Unified Communications (UC) with SIP Trunking Plus, giving your employees access to greater calling and collaboration flexibility while on-the-go.

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How SIP Trunking Plus Works?

SIP Trunking enables your PBX phone system to deliver calls by your Internet connection.  A SIP Trunk service replaces your PSTN or ISDN lines, so you can access the benefits of IP Telephony while making use of your existing phone hardware.

Scalable ISDN replacement for your business.

Easy integration with existing PBX/VoIP equipment.*

Migrate your existing numbers easily.

Access our powerful Unified Communicator and Mobility features with SIP Trunking Plus.

Disconnections of ISDN started in September 2019 and by 2020 the network will be fully decommissioned.

Don’t get left behind. Leverage the latest voice technologies with SIP Trunking Plus,

giving you the quality and reliability of traditional phone lines.

Unified Communicator

We can integrate our Unified Communicator app as part of our SIP Trunking Plus service so your business and employees can enjoy seamless collaboration and messaging services only for the fraction of the cost. 

Using my UC app

I can access a suite of UC tools including presence, contact address book, voice, messaging and conferencing. 

Always available

Calls from my office extension will ring on my Unified Communicator app so I can still answer my calls when I am out of the office.

Consistent call experiences

I can provide consistent call experiences to my customers and colleagues because my Unified Communicator app always presents my local number.

Freedom to communicate on my terms

I can receive and transfer calls using either my PBX extensions or my Unified Communicator app, giving the ability to take and receive calls even when I am not at my desk.


We can integrate our Mobility features as part of our SIP Trunking Plus service so your business and your employees can enjoy greater communication choices, while on-the-go.

Using my mobile

I can receive calls on my mobile phone and get notified if the call was from my office number. 

Always available

I can provide flexible work arrangements for my employees to work anywhere and I can contact them on their office number. 

Efficient workplace continuity

I have mobile integration for any phone so I can receive my business calls while on-the-go.


I can schedule and re-direct my business calls to be answered by remote employees (e.g. after office hours).

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