SIP Trunking

Enhancing your Business Communications

Future-proof your phone system.


Ideal for small to medium businesses with single or multi-site offices who want to access IP Telephony features while keeping their existing phone system.

Control costs while staying better connected

With workforces becoming more agile, the need for a cost-effective uninterrupted telephony service is critical to maintaining a productive business. Our SIP Trunking service enables your business to access a collection of IP Telephony and communications features, regardless of your on-premise equipment, removing the cost to pay for ISDN and PSTN lines.

How it works? (28)

Enables your existing phone system to deliver calls by your Internet connection.


A SIP Trunk service replaces your PSTN or ISDN lines, so you can access the benefits of IP Telephony while making use of your existing phone hardware.

SIP Trunking is suitable for any on-premise phone system. Your phone system does not necessarily have to be SIP Trunk compatible as we can still connect your service by ISDN or analogue converters.

Why Novum’s SIP Trunking?


By converting your phone lines to SIP Trunks, your calls are made and received using your NBN or other broadband connection. Giving you peace of mind that your PBX system is future-proof and compatible.


Control costs

Enjoy better communications with free internal calls between employees wherever they are located. Whether you are moving or expanding, you can monitor costs effectively by keeping your local area numbers without paying for expensive call forwarding services.


Inbound numbers

Add a 1300, 1800 or 13 Inbound Number to your service, providing your customers with a local or free call no matter where they are in Australia.

SIP Trunking Benefits 


Delivers the quality and reliability of traditional phone lines, with the fraction of the cost. Your service is hosted on Novum’s secure Broadworks platform with 99.999% uptime.


Enables your business and employees to access Novum’s Unified Communicator for a variety of IP voice and communication services.


Manage centrally with simple administration and track call usage easily.


Configure your call redirections to fit your business and employees’ needs.


Add and remove additional phone lines quickly and easily without the additional costs for installation and line rental.

Business continuity

During Internet or power outages, calls can be automatically re-routed to another number. This would be part of your disaster recovery process to ensure business continuity.

SIP Trunking – Hybrid PBX

Go beyond your current PBX limitations. Integrate your existing PBX with SIP Trunking and utilise additional Cloud PBX for remote office users and sites, giving you greater work flexibility, without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Access Powerful Features with SIP Trunking Plus

Integrate your SIP trunks with our Business Cloud PBX by using ‘Bolt-On’ features such as our Mobility or Unified Communicator application for enhanced functionality of your PBX system. By adding Novum’s Unified Communicator application as a ‘Bolt-On’, you can add your employees in-dial trunk extension number to make and receive calls from your PBX or mobile.

The Novum Difference

Network reliability guaranteed: 99.999%

Our high availability Broadworks network provides your business with quality IP Telephony user experiences, guaranteeing 99.999% serviceability. Our platform has been architectured on the Cisco-Broadworks platform, providing our customers with the most robust and stable platform in Australia.

Locally owned and managed by us

We can guarantee network reliability as well as local operational and technical support because we own it and manage it.

Simplified customer management portal

Our self-managed portal has been designed with ease of use in mind. Provide excellent user experiences by giving your employees and site administrators the control they need to manage their communication functionality such as call monitoring, hunt group, auto-attendant changes and producing call reports.

Fraud mitigation

Real-time built-in Fraud Detection that detects fraudulent activity and proactively blocks the offending user. This will alleviate your business from receiving unexpected bills from fraudulent call traffic.

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