Unified Communications As A Service

One integrated, real-time solution to rule them all

Our UCaaS solution delivers a carrier grade solution for partners who wish to deploy advanced UC offerings helping businesses of all sizes adapt quickly to a fast-paced, mobile-centric world.


Novum Networks provides a complete, integrated, easy to use solution for voice, video and collaboration services. Delivered via the Cloud, the service helps your customers improve productivity, reduce costs and completely transform their communications without the need to make large upfront investments.


The Novum Networks UCaaS platform includes a customisable customer front-end, administrative back-end portal with tiered access, and an end-to-end operating platform. It also includes a fully integrated provisioning platform for end user devices, with zero touch configuration.


Novum Networks UCaaS solution guarantees speed-to-market and accelerates time-to-new-service revenue.


Novum Networks a Trusted Partner

With new players and IT vendors entering the market at a rapid rate, today’s communications and collaboration market is rapidly changing and is becoming increasingly competitive.


For partners to stay competitive and protect their market share you need to partner with a UCaaS provider who can work with you every step on the way and help your build your business while maintaining margins.


In order to protect your market share and maintain margins, you need a partner you can trust that lets you deploy advanced, mobile-first business communication solutions – quickly and cost effectively.


Novum Networks has partnered with the market leader in hosted UCaaS, Broadsoft to build an offering and product portfolio filling with best-of-bread fully integration Business ready solutions for you to take to market.

Minimise Your Risk with Novum Networks

Novum Networks offers a fully managed, scalable SaaS model that lets you quickly and cost-efficiently deploy our integrated suite of communication and collaboration services to your client base.


Less investment, less time, less hassle and a vastly improved customer experience.


Minimise Investment

Novum Networks UCaaS offering allows providers to rapidly penetrate growing UC markets with minimal upfront investment and risk.

Reduce Time to Market

With our turn-key products and solutions, providers can start capitalising on new revenue sources in weeks not months.

End to End Solution

Novum Networks Unified platform delivers a full customer lifecycle management tool, from quoting to provisioning and billing your end user.

Deploy Faster Than You Think

With Novum Networks UCaaS offering, you can deploy our advanced portfolio of fully integrated communication and collaboration services in a matter of weeks.

In a competitive market, time-to-market become mission critical to any provider trying to build market share. With customers demanding best-of-bread solutions delivered on tight time frames, every day you are servicing this demand your competitor has the opportunity to steal the business.