Business Cloud PBX

By implementing Business Cloud PBX for your end user, you allow them to choose plans, and features which suit their requirements.

We focus on building innovative, flexible and scalable solutions to deliver the best end-user experience

What is Business Cloud PBX?

Having a virtual private phone system or network that allows your team to communicate and route calls over the internet. as opposed to on-premises hardware, is the way of the future. Quite simply, if you don’t have such a system in place within your business, you risk being left behind.

Thanks to Business Cloud PBX, multi-site offices and those employees who work remotely can ensure no decrease in productivity.
You can now easily add capacity for extra staff and offices, both quickly and efficiently.

Our Business Cloud PBX connects employees with each other, and their head office. We connect remote and home offices into a single centralised PBX phone system, allowing everyone to effectively collaborate and work from anywhere.

Propel your local office into a global contender, with Business Cloud PBX

Why do your customers need Business Cloud PBX?

Geographic flexibility

Having multi-site businesses, and staff who work remotely are two of the new normals in business. Therefore, having a communication system that can unify every facet of the business within a single cloud PBX phone system is imperative.

Future-proof system

As your business grows and evolves, you can easily add or remove phone lines or users. Thanks to business cloud PBX, you can migrate your ISDN to Cloud PBX that is NBN compatible.

Unified communications softphone

Our system links with our UC app to deliver rich communications across various devices.

Comprehensive PBX features

Utilise powerful calling features to manage callers’ expectations with ease.

Future-proof your business communications

What are the benefits of Business Cloud PBX?

Business longevity and continuity

Receive calls by pre-configuring automatic rerouting to alternative numbers during unanticipated disruptions.

Cost efficient

Remove installation, maintenance and costly inflexible infrastructure costs from your business.


We own and manage our Broadworks platform hosted across geographically redundant data centres in Australia, delivering 99.999% availability since commissioning.


Work anywhere, anytime. You can now collaborate from home, remotely or internationally.

If you have heavily invested in your on-premise PBX, and want to utilise cloud PBX calling features, without migrating to the cloud, you can learn more about our SIP Trunking service.

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