Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Specially designed for MSPs, strategic partners and voice service providers. With BroadWorks integrated with MS Teams, via Direct Routing, businesses leverage advanced call control features and carrier-grade infrastructure.

Experience Microsoft Teams in a cutting edge way

Connectivity in business is not only important, it is a cornerstone asset to ensuring a business succeeds. This need is addressed through our end-to-end solution of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Developed to exemplify the Microsoft Teams experience, connect your phone system with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. Our solution supports carrier grade infrastructure through the BroadWorks platform, delivering calling solutions with advanced messaging and meetings capabilities.

Now, you can enable your internal teams to make and receive calls, chat, meet, and share with others using a single, unified system. Thus offering a complete PBX replacement.

Whether you currently rely on MS Teams, but are not experiencing it’s full capabilities, or are wanting to add an efficient solution to your portfolio for scalability, Novum Networks can assist you. Our clients can lean on us to implement this innovative complete done-for-you solution, subsequently helping their clients reach new heights.


Exceed current limitations, use MS Teams as a PBX

Who is it for?

  • Businesses and MSPs who rely on MS Teams heavily
  • Limited in-house IT expertise
  • Businesses wanting to maximise the capabilities of MS Teams
  • Phased migration to Cloud PBX
  • MSPs who are resellers of Microsoft products
  • Skype for business replacement

Merge MS Teams with BroadWorks’ phone capabilities for maximised connectivity

Here are the benefits

Communications at an optimal

Experience complete calling and collaboration solutions for your employees. Now you can combine your internal and external communications into one tightly-knit system.

Choose your provider

Become a competitive force in the market, by completing your suite of services with our white label solution. This allows your business to set up and manage all branding components.

Advanced BroadWorks call features

Leverage the innovative possibilities offered by BroadWorks. These include call features like shared call appearance, call transfer, queues, holding, auto-attendant, simultaneous ring, voicemail and more.

User reports and analytics

Get the most out of your service with valuable insights, leveraged by reports and analytics. Furthermore, you can access call recordings, and CRM apps to manage call flows.

On-hand, local support

We act like an extension of your team. Now, you can receive ongoing technical support and customer service from our Australian team.

Easy configuration

By implementing a straightforward and intuitive process, you can set up new users on the admin portal. We take care of provisioning users in the back-end via PowerShell.

How does Novum Networks Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Work?

Stay connected and Communicate with any device using Novum Networks Direct Routing.


Direct Routing is the answer for innovative connectivity

Here are the features

Save time and costs

When you convert MS Teams into a PBX, you have an efficient alternative to having to manage multiple systems. Save time and money with a solution presented in a single invoice.

Number porting

Transfer your current PSTN numbers to MS Teams phone system. After porting your numbers, you will be able to continue using your existing lines.

Simple admin portal

The portal offers easy user management and provisioning that can be done in one place — no further work is required in MS Teams.**

No extra hardware or software costs

Leverage your BroadWorks PBX phone system or existing MS Teams investment — you only need an MS Office 365 subscription.**

Flexible payment plans

Enjoy flexibility like never before. Scale up or down whenever you need without lock-in contracts.** Furthermore, only pay for subscribed users or SIP Trunks you require.

Rapid solutions

Minimise downtime for your operations with fast provisioning, and a familiar user experience for your team.

Multinational or multi-site support

MS Teams Direct Routing infrastructure (SBC) is available across Australia, the Americas, Europe and South Africa. This reduces latency and call setup is quicker.

Calling features

Access advanced BroadWorks call features within MS Teams

  • Call forwarding (no answer, busy, always, not reachable)
  • Call park
  • Call pickup
  • Do not disturb
  • DTMF
  • Hunt group
  • Music on Hold (choose to use your business’ own MOH)
  • Call centre
  • Shared call appearance

Why partner with Novum Networks for your MS Teams Direct Routing needs?


You get a BroadWorks integration with your MS Teams’ capability, offering a streamlined way to manage PBX notifications, softkeys and the portal.

Leveraging a team who have seen it over, over 38 years of combined experience

With our in-depth knowledge of voice and data networking, we know how to manage a myriad of issues, an asset you and your team can leverage.

Done-for-you services:

Whether you desire to scale your services, or increase the serviceability you can offer your clients, enjoy leaning on an expert team who offer completely done-for-you services. Novum Networks offers reduced complexity – it requires minimal technical intervention to provision and manage MS Teams users.

End-to-end complete solutions

We can bundle a range of flexible packages for your end-users. Our solutions come with a complete user interface and a natural experience for users.

Advanced SIP call monitoring tool:

ncludes active calls, real-time graphs, live sniffer for signalling/media, call ladder, CDR, jitter for easier troubleshooting.

No smokes and mirrors

Experience clarity, and retain control over the outcome that your clients experience.


We offer close local support and comply with local regulatory and security requirements.

Trusted performance

We host and manage our own BroadWorks platform, delivering the reliability, quality and security your business needs.

Lower setup and operational costs

As no additional infrastructure is required at customer premises.

Optimise your workplace connectivity, with a fully integrated solution

Bring efficiency to the workplace, with a solution that optimises workplace connectivity, through seamless integrations. Are you ready to equip your business with unified communications? Then contact us to discover our done-for-you services.

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