UCx with Webex

From calls, meetings and team collaboration, Webex offers you one concise solution, through a single app.

Transform the operations of your workplace, with Webex

It takes one, single solution to bring cohesion to the workplace. That solution is UCx with Webex.

By leveraging a fully integrated collaboration experience like UCx with Webex, you are enabling your workplace to streamline its operations, allowing your employees to work better together.

From video meetings, cloud-based collaboration, whiteboarding, secure messaging, file sharing, built-in call control functionality and more, UCx with Webex increases employee productivity and optimises the output of your workplace.

Whether you currently do not have UCx with Webex within your portfolio or need an efficient solution for scalability, Novum Networks can assist you through the implementation of UCx with Webex. As we are in partnership with Webex, our clients can implement this innovative complete collaboration solution for their business, and subsequently, their end-users.

Paired with our BroadWorks calling platform, you can also deliver calling solutions with advanced messaging and meetings capabilities, offering a PBX replacement for businesses.


Through one hub, receive collaboration, and cloud voice solutions

Here are the innovative capabilities of Webex

Clear, concise and collaborative calling

Make and receive calls with a fully integrated BroadWorks cloud calling platform. UCx with Webex provides complete PBX features and call control on your phone, mobile, PC, tablet, or any smartphone devices anywhere.

Hassle-free video conferencing

Regardless of the device, you can host or join secure HD meetings anywhere, and at any time. All while keeping your data and privacy protected. Collaborate seamlessly as you share your desktop, application, or file during your meeting. You can also create a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming activities.

Take strides forward with team collaboration tools

With a virtual workspace, you can achieve objectives collaboratively with others in your team. Whether you need to chat, meet or share important assets, your virtual workspace will keep your team cohesion in check.

Quick messaging facilities

At the touch of a button, you can contact both internal and external teammates, using the chat for direct messages or contributing in group conversations.

Work from anywhere

Gone are the days where coming into a shared office is compulsory for maximising workplace operations. With UCx with Webex, you can take your office online, with minimal disruptions to productivity.

Where streamlined solutions meets efficiency

The benefits of using UCx with Webex

Dozens of features under one concise app

Having one platform means efficiency, fewer headaches, decreased chance of miscommunication and ultimately, stronger team output.

Faster problem solving

Significantly faster problem resolution is reported by 88% of UC buyers.

Increased collaboration

After UC is implemented, 91% of IT executives see improved collaboration. Since UCx with Webex integrates many powerful features into a single application, your teams can collaborate with others internally and externally faster.
faster problem resolution is reported by 88% of UC buyers.

Business continuity

The distributed nature of UCx with Webex means that your infrastructure will still be available in the event of a power outage, storm or other unforeseen disruption or disaster.

Enterprise-grade security

Cloud UC makes everything accessible for everyone in the organisation. It provides a higher level of security and data is more secure, making disaster recovery simpler. UCx with Webex keeps your meetings and conversations secure with enterprise-grade safety, including end-to-end encryption.


UCx with Webex is a seamless cutting-edge communication and collaboration service, added to your business. Because UCx with Webex is a hosted service, you’ll always have immediate access to new features and updates.

Why partner with Novum Networks for your UCx with Webex solutions?

Leveraging a team who have seen it over, over 38 years of combined experience

With our in-depth knowledge of voice and data networking, we know how to manage a myriad of issues, an asset you and your team can leverage.

End-to-end complete solutions

We can bundle collaboration with PSTN services with a range of flexible packages for your end-users.


We offer close local support and comply with local regulatory and security requirements.

Done-for-you services

Whether you desire to scale your services, or increase the serviceability you can offer your clients, enjoy leaning on an expert team who offer completely done-for-you services.

No smokes and mirrors

Experience clarity, and retain control over the outcome that your clients experience.

Trusted performance

We host and manage our own BroadWorks platform, delivering the reliability, quality and security your business needs.

Calling features you need, available anywhere


The Webex App

One secure place to call, meet, and message and so much more



High-definition meetings integrated with your calendar and rich AI-powered transcriptions, translations, people insights and noise cancelling.



Built-in high-definition voice and video calling and meetings, with integrated devices and headsets.



Message, file share, and one-click calling in always-on spaces with people inside and outside of your organization.

Optimise your workplace collaboration, with a fully integrated solution

Bring efficiency to the workplace, with a solution that fully integrates all the necessary ingredients for workplace collaboration, under one concise app. Are you ready to equip your business with unified communications? Then contact us to discover our done-for-you services.

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