Self-managed partner portal

Make changes in real-time to propel the efficiency and operational capacity of your business.


UBoss caters to all levels of customer self-management

The ability to make system changes as they happen, is a critical attribute that every communications’ platform should have. It can make a cornerstone difference to your overall business output.

With UBoss, you can do anything from changing the names of users, to rolling out new sites; you can self-manage the system at your fingertips through an easy-to-use partner portal.

An essential tool for customer IT administrative services, UBoss reduces support costs in servicing your clients, therefore being a lucrative addition to your service offering.

With telecommunications becoming increasingly complex for consumers, considering the move to UC, cloud and mobility; a solution like UBoss demystifies the otherwise complex, helping your end user truly understand your value proposition.
Through UBoss, we can combine our services with yours, and bring together the ideal service mix for a particular end user. As part of the self-managed partner portal, you can customise bundles and services to provide your end user with exactly what they want, and most importantly – what they need.

Let’s work together to ensure your business sees efficiency and growth

Our partners are onboarded within 48 hours, and benefit from our collaboration from day one. Are you ready to equip your business with unified communications? Then contact us to discover our done-for-you services.

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