UBoss toll fraud protection

Protect against toll fraud hacking with automated 24/7 toll fraud locking

UBoss toll fraud protection empowers our cloud voice partners

UBoss never sleeps, and is completely risk and hassle-free.

As a cloud voice partner, you can now configure alerts and credit thresholds against customer groups or specific users, as part of UBoss’ capabilities. UBoss is configurable at a group or user level, this will shut down any extensions that breach your pre-set thresholds, thus minimising the risk of online fraud.

With UBoss toll fraud protection you are now able to credit lock individual users and customer groups. There are two types of credit locking; manual credit lock and automatic credit locking. Through manual credit locks Toll Fraud Protection can be activated via the UBoss Provisioning Portal, automatically barring the specific extension or all extensions within the business.

Slash identity fraud rates by getting a full 360 view of who your users really are. With UBoss, you can now onboard more legitimate users to gain traction and grow your business with full peace of mind.


UBoss toll fraud protection features:

  • 24/7 locking feature – UBoss never sleeps
  • Customised email alerts
  • Personalised credit limits
  • An automatic reset at the end of the month
  • Customer limits can be reset during the month with two options
  • If the account is unlocked and then the credit limit has been increased this new limit will apply for future months
  • Fraud limits can be varied by the provider and email alerts are sent when the threshold is being approached

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