UBoss integrated billing

UBoss will mirror the accounting cost structure of our voice partner’s business


With UBoss, leverage accurate billing, done on-time, and at the correct rate

Most businesses treat billing as an ‘after-sale’ thought.

However, for those companies that do offer integrated billing, it’s often billing on their terms; no ability to add third party services, ad-hoc charges, or mixed terms. This doesn’t provide the flexibility required to fully deploy all cloud and voice services. If you are unable to bill any service, on varying terms, at any price and totally automated at the end of every month, without any manual intervention; it may be time to consider how much time, effort, and money you are expending.

At Novum Networks, we understand how a sound integrated billing solution is imperative to a business’ operations. It is cornerstone for goodwill, efficiency, reducing support calls and reducing the need to revisit deliverables for customers.

UBoss combines all costs related to delivering a service, through a single integrated platform.

Through UBoss, you can now automate invoices straight to your customers inbox, with options for configurable reports. Any combination of site or department invoicing is supported, like breaking costs down between sales and operations. UBoss will mirror the accounting cost structure of the subscribers business.

UBoss billing is integrated with the core provisioning framework. When a package is created this is added or removed from the invoice, meaning there is 100% bill accuracy. Have peace of mind that resellers are never left paying for services due to an oversight that can often occur through a manual process.

Thanks to UBoss, billing removes the burden of these back-office activities and helps resellers to just focus on sales. Are you ready to leverage UBoss to scale your operations? Then get in touch for a Novum partnership.

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