UBoss reporting

Have a concise picture of what is happening at any moment, with UBoss’ reporting capabilities


UBoss’ detail reports go beyond spreadsheets and call logs

For a business to be malleable and adaptable to what is happening at any moment, you require a clear picture, in real-time. UBoss reporting brings that much needed clarity to the forefront.

With a range of historical and real-time reports, where you can click into the report to analyse operations further; partners of Novum Network can now enable their end users to look at every aspect of reporting.

UBoss’ detailed reports go beyond call logs. In fact, our partners can leverage:

  • Data on call patterns
  • Graphical heat maps showing peaks and troughs through the day
  • Detailed call centre reports
  • All consumer trends
  • Statistics on incoming customer calls
  • Complete reporting hierarchy for you to drill into any aspect of your cloud PBX performance or billing

The reporting capabilities of UBoss give our partners with actual business intelligence about what is happening on their platform. This can be used for targeted campaigns to identify opportunities for their end user, therefore increasing revenue streams.

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