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Self-managed Partner Portal

Every customer is unique, and they therefore have varying appetites to self-serve. Encouraging customers to self-manage, and giving them the tools to do so, is essential in further reducing the service provider support. UBoss allows for this capability, with ease-of-use and efficiency. All customer invoices are available online to subscriber administrators with the appropriate access.

UBoss reporting

Uboss features a number of unique reports that add value for customers, and provide competitive differentiation. Now, businesses can leverage considerable insight into incoming caller patterns, which will in turn help them plan and resource their customer facing teams to maximise service.

UBoss Integrated Billing

Accurate billing, done on-time, and at the correct rate is imperative to a business’ operations. It is important for goodwill, efficiency, reducing support calls and reducing the need to revisit deliverables for customers. UBoss combines all costs related to delivering service in a single place.

Toll Fraud Protection

Protect against toll fraud hacking with automated 24/7 toll fraud locking. Configurable at a group or user level, this will shut down any extensions that breach your pre-set thresholds.

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