Partner with us through a White Label arrangement

Let’s work together, to bring forward-thinking solutions to your clients, and increase your recurring revenue.

No more roadblocks. You can have confidence in a partnership with Novum Networks

As a business owner, selling cloud voice and other innovative communication tools are key milestones that will accelerate your business’ output. Your clients need it, and will soon be requesting it (if they haven’t done so already).

However, a major roadblock experienced by business owners is their concern over the quality of service and product that comes with acquiring cloud voice. Lacking an in-house expert to deliver this solution, causes most to place cloud voice and integrated IT communications’ into the ‘too hard basket’. We alleviate this concern by offering a white label arrangement.

By engaging Novum Networks for a white label solution, you are well-positioned to enhance your service offering, by coming on board as a partner. From service delivery, management, maintenance, training to other business tools, we treat your clients, like our very own, and are invested in seeing your business succeed.

Add value to your service offering, where your clients become our clients

Leverage white label solutions that aren’t cookie cutter

Concerned about your team’s capability to manage cloud voice services and other complex IT communications’ tools?

You don’t want to lose clients because you don’t offer this solution within your portfolio. Leverage a done-for-you expert team who will act as an extension of your business.

As a nimble team, where adaptability is our second language, a unique attribute of Novum Networks is that there is only one degree of separation between your needs and the answers you require. Taking on a completely ‘you-centric’ approach, we listen to you first in order to understand your needs. We then proceed to tailor a solution to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, using our in-house expertise.

When it comes to cloud voice solutions, you don’t walk alone, as Novum Networks is here to support you.

Here is what you’ll receive, through a white label partnership with Novum Networks:

Develop your own retail product and set your own pricing.

White label your Cloud PBX and VoIP.

We deliver the infrastructure and call carriage.

Wholesale pricing.

Comprehensive sales training.

Level 2 and 3 technical and local support.

White label marketing kit.

What to expect when partnering with Novum Networks

We provide the services for your business but the billing, managing and deploying is handled on your end.

However, if you require, you can also chat to us about UBoss’ full billing solution. Within this deployment the multi-level UBoss automated billing module can also allow a single, simultaneous project facilitation. This allows billing from Novum Networks to its white label partners, and also ‘as a service’, from the partners to their customers.

You retain full ownership of customers and their contracts with technical and engineering support from our team. Novum Networks branding is not present on any white labelled services.

As an end-to-end service provider, you can have peace of mind knowing you only have to manage the front-end, while the intricacies of the back end are on us. We completely take care of maintenance and serviceability for your clients.

An added peace of mind is that we own the platform that you will be leveraging, therefore contingency management, and solution turnarounds are at the back of our hands.

Are you ready to scale as an innovative business owner, by adding cloud voice, and integrated IT communications’, via a revenue generating partnership?

Then get in touch. It is time to maximise our reliable and secure Broadworks platform to resell Cloud PBX and VoIP solutions under your own brand. We look forward to discussing opportunities.

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